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Character Animation Demo Reel

Character Animation Reel from Zehao Xue, including selected works in 3D(CG), Stop Motion and 2D.
Reel Brakdown:

00:05 Salt Animation
00:09 3D Character Performance – monologue
00:23 3D Character Performance – dialogue
00:35 3D Character Performance – monologue(Work in progress)
00:40 3D Body Mechanics – tennis
00:45 3D Commercial – “CCTV”
00:48 Stop Motion Character Performance – pantomime
00:55 Stop Motion Short Film – “Abandon” – weight & facial expression
01:04 Stop Motion Character Performance – walk cycle & pantomime
01:11 2D Short Film – “Follow” – walk cycle & body mechanics
01:23 2D Short Film – “Currency Affairs” – facial expressions
01:37 2D Short Film – “Year of Rabbit” – weight

BGM: Bahamas – stronger than that

Making of Past Tense

Character Rigging Demo Reel

Trailer for Monkey King: Hero is Back

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